Sunday, 23 February 2014

The final result for the First Season

We made it, we completed our very first series. It took us a while to get through and me and Sceneable were not always impressed by what was presented to us.

We tried to give you as much room for creativity and for your imaginations to run wild, especially in instances where you had to think up your own story line. Deadlines were always very long. 

The winner of this was tough, to be honest we were not impressed with the final entries, we thought if anything because it's the final that a lot of effort would be put it.

Overall we chose both BritneySongz and georgengigi115 to win because we couldn't decide on an overall winner. 

LondonToParis chose BritneySongz because... 
From the start you showed genuine interest in the club, you wanted to do the tasks and you did them normally the same day the task came out. Although that could of been a bad thing because tasks were rushed sometimes. I chose you to win because the lack of resources you had, you don't have much makeup and no wigs to work with. Also I like your doll, the makeup is simple and natural which I like very much. I think your doll was more model material and I would be happy to show it off as the face of the club.

Sceneable chose georgengigi115 because...
You have shown determination in this club. You put your fullest effort into it and you really want to be up and date and when we have messed up with timing and stuff you aren't like "i give up" you really want to do the task and want to compete.

Well done girls, as you are both non-superstar we will both buy you 25sds worth of wishlist items! 
And also an interview with us both so please, stay tuned!

Here are some highlights for everybody of the past tasks! 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Naughty or Nice

 This is the final, and we are sorry for it to take this long to get into.
Here is the final task of the series so we ask for you to please put all your effort into this! You are marked on how much effort you've put into it. Just remember the winner gets a Stardollar prize (If non-superstar you'll get items from your wishlist), an interview with this blog that is currently getting around 600 views and a t-shirt!

So, please put your heart and soul into this very last task of the series!

Now, let's get into it. 

The final task is.....

Naughty or Nice

As for most tasks, we like to give you some leeway so you can present the best of your abilities. So, you can pick either Naughty or Nice.
We chose Naughty or Nice because the first task you ever did on this club is the 'Fresh' makeup, so we wanted to come back to that and elaborated onto it. 

If you've chosen nice, then you will have to present 'nice' on two pages of your album.
You need to do, your hair, makeup, background and outfit in a nice theme.

For example, fresh makeup with light pallets of colour, sparkles, glitter, etc 
The outfit could again, be innocent colours and pretty dresses etc



If you have chosen naughty, stick to dark pallets of makeup. Particularly grunge or rock n roll styles! 
You will need to do your makeup, outfit, background and hair.

Go crazy, with wild colours and dark edges. For example, dark edgey makeup such a thick eyeliner.
Outfits possibly leather glad, LBD, anything that you would deem 'naughty'

This should take 2 pages of your album. 


Everyone should have makeup, hair, outfit and background done. You will have points deducted if you do not do all 4 of these. 

This is due on the 15th February


Saturday, 5 October 2013

So, it's the last task before the final! You better give it your all now girls. There are 3 of you left and you need to really really focus and put your mind into this task

This will be an extremely fun task, and I look forward to marking it.


NEW THIS WEEK, you're going to be able if you would rather complete this task as a scenery or as 2 pages in your album

Advantages of doing it as a scenery: You don't have to wait the whole 2 weeks for your critique, but you do have to wait for the results.

Advantages of doing it in your album: as you have two weeks to complete this task you can go back and slowly start building up your entry. You can go back and tweak it instead of just saving it and not being able to change stuff you're unhappy with in a scenery.


In this task you have to think outside the box, you have to be extremely creative. In this task you will have to come up with an outrageous fashion style, crazy hair and weird makeup! You also will have to come up with a background to go with your theme.

So whilst completing this task, let yourself go and make your doll weirdly wonderful! 

What we are looking for:

  • Weird but still beautiful fashion/hair/makeup
  • A pretty background to go along with it
  • Your ability to think outside the box
  • If you have done the actual hair/makeup to go along with the outfit

Since you have 2 weeks to complete this task, I don't believe anyone should have an excuse to either leave it till the last minute OR not do it at all.

What you should do: 

  • Choose whether you are doing this task in 2 pages of your album OR a scenery
  • If it's a scenery you get more marks if it's posed
  • If it's in album you get more marks on if it has a description below in the comment section
  • Choose a weird but beautiful outfit
  • Do your hair (BIGGER THE BETTER, also strange colours would be good)
  • Bold makeup (glitter, bright colours etc)
  • Use Kawaii (Japanese style) as an example
  • Use celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Dita Von Tease (Don't base it on these people)
Due 19th October (2 WEEKS TIME)
This is the semi final girls, don't let us down! PUT YOUR HEART AND SOUL INTO THIS

Examples of what you should be looking at:
This website is absolutely perfect! It's exactly what we are looking for, take examples but DO NOT COPY

Thursday, 3 October 2013

WE ARE CLOSE TO THE FINALS and we’re not too impressed with the level of work people are putting into the tasks.

It’s like what I say goes in one ear and out the other. You get extra marks for getting your work in on time, and not on the day it’s due. I can tell it’s messy and I can see you don’t really take the competition seriously.

I’m not eliminating anyone who has done the task, I’m eliminating fab4taz for not completing it. She was given so many chances.

I’m not going to take ‘I’m busy with school work’ anymore. I’m doing A LEVELS along with having to complete my UCAS application and I find the time to think up a task, post a long blog entry about the task, look at your finished task, judge it, work out an overall score (average) and then post a long elimination blog. Whilst all this is going on, I have to find a time to speak to Sceneable because we are in two different time zones. I’m so disappointed.

The winner of this task is cupcakeloverxx5 even though you almost missed the deadline it was a good input.

LondonToParis: BritneySongzz- I love the quote, it’s well researched which is what we wanted. But, the actual thing is quite boring and average. And I can’t see your doll; I can’t see the devastation in its face. If it could be a little bit closer, you would have got more marks. 5/10

Sceneable: Britneysongzz- Thank you for actually completing the task right away, we really appreciate that around there and that attitude will keep you in the competition. Good job. Now about the work in the album; Well I do like how you use blue to represent water even though the tiles looks kinda messy. Your doll looks pretty dressed up for this so its good but you show no emotion and I dont know what the yellow tiles stand for. 5/10. 1 point for completing it and not letting the task sit around.

Overall Score: 5

LondonToParis: Georgengigi115-Well done! I can see the research you did with your doll having a business suit on but the hair/makeup really doesn’t go with the look. And that’s where you let it down. I like the movement of the leg running, and you showed slight emotion with a tear on your face, but not enough 7/10

Sceneable: Georgengigi115- Thanks for showing some emotion with the tear drop in the face, but I was hoping to see your doll more emotional in the features. Thank you for also trying to pose but I don’t get to story what you are trying to present. I do like the effect in the background and how you are dresses like a business women so good job on that. 6/10

Overall Score: 6.5/10

LondonToParis: Cupcakeloverxx5- You’ve done your research and I do like your outfits and the fact you’ve shown a broken up home that is very good, but I am disappointed by the fact that you don’t really look devastated. 7.5/10
Sceneable: Cupcakeloverxx5- good job with the scenery. I love how you showed the destruction with some items of Haiti. I love the how you gave the story. good job! 8/10

Overall Score: 7.75/10


Congrats to the final 3. You will have to work so much harder for this!

ModelingHaven brought to you by Sceneable and LondonToParis

Thursday, 26 September 2013

You may think this task is a bit morbid, but this is going to be very challenging.

This week, you have to donate two pages of your album to doing a background, outfit makeup/hair of a global disaster.

YOU MUST BE CREATIVE AND THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. Two of these are natural disasters, two are moral evils.

fab4taz: The Hiroshima nuclear bombing (1945)
cupcakeloverxx5: Haiti earthquake (2010)
georgengigi115: 9/11 (2001)
BritneySongz: The boxing day tsunami and earthquake (2004)

You must show devastation in your doll, we have to see emotion coming from your dolls face.

  • Take two pages of your album
  • Do your hair/makeup
  • Do your outfit
  • Create a relevant background to your disaster
  • Show real emotion

We are expecting so much this week especially because of the nature of the task.

Do not leave this until the last minute and do not rush it because we will be able to tell.

This is due 2nd of October
Eliminations: 3rd October
Next Task:4th October





The boxing day disaster

So, these are the eliminations. I can tell you there is a DOUBLE elimination this week!


The first person to be eliminated is HeavenStarzz because she did not complete the task. Well done for coming this far, but you eliminated yourself.

Last week I said that we were actually going to be eliminating people this week. So, one more person will be leaving the series.

I was a bit disapointed this week, the whole reason we gave you a fantasy film is because we wanted you to really get into it and show us your creative side. No one really tried to get out of their comfort zone.

This week it was hard to pick between 3 of you for the winner

The bottom 3 are fab4taz, AmongTheRoses and BritneySongz

The person staying with us is: fab4taz
You are staying because you are such a strong contestant and I judged you hard this week because I know how creative and talented you are! And I know how much better you actually are

The other girl staying is... BritneySongz
Every week your tasks are average. But you are so loyal to this competition and so passionate. You get the task done and there is no delay! This is what has kept you in the competition because I know how much you want it, please next week don't be afraid to come outside of the box and wow us all.

The girl who is going, sadly is AmongTheRoses
Although all your other tasks were good, we can't see much passion in the last few tasks. And we are only eliminating on the scores you got and yours were the lowest. You are very talented, and I just wish you would of used your own doll! Thank you for competing, and please apply for the next series. I am very sorry.

fab4taz: 6/10
AmongTheRoses: 4.5/10
georgengigi115: 8.75/10
cupcakeloverxx5: 8/10

So, the winner was georgengigi115. Because her scenery was different and eye catching.

We are now deducting points if we think you are not passionate and feel as if you don't really care about winning. From here on out, it's going to get harsher and harder. BE CREATIVE

Sceneable and LondonToParis

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Sorry this has taken so long, but this was my first week back in school and I was doing my personal statement and it's just been stressful!

So, this week is a scenery/outfit task. This is where eliminations are going to actually take place.

Include makeup/hair for extra marks.
Include a description underneath the scenery
Add posing to your doll, if you don't know how to pose good

These are going to be fantasy movies!
You will be assigned one each
HeavenStarz- Lord of the Rings
Fab4Taz- Avatar
Cupcakeloverxx5- Harry Potter
georgengigi155- Hunger Games
AmongTheRoses- Mortal Instruments
BritneySongzz- Twilight

This is what you have to do:
1.Look at the movie you have been set
2.Do a scenery that will WOW us
3.Don't hold back, be creative it's going to be a tough week
4.Tell us in the discussion when you are done

Good luck!

Lord of the Rings



Harry Potter

Hunger Games

Mortal Instruments